Twitter and Facebook and Blogs... Oh, my! (Part II)

I often joke around that I am a Professional Facebooker. My friends just call me a stalker. Others say I am a social medial marketer. No matter what you call me the endgame is the same: I love Facebook. It's genius! No, seriously. It is. Why? Oh, I'm so glad you asked!

  • Connections. Say you go to a networking event. We'll use Professionals Helping Professionals (Feb 20th. RSVP to At PHP you meet Dr. X, a new chiropractor in the area. You guys really hit it off and realize you have the same business goals and that there is an opportunity for business expansion. You excahnge business cards but, because you are so busy, you misplace the card. Simply jump on Facebook and "friend" Dr. X (He knows, like you, that social media is really important for businesses). You can now follow up with your orignal meeting and get started on that expansion.
  • Business Promotion. Fan Pages are key! Create one for your business/event/book etc. and keep all of your fans up to date. The important thing to remember in business promotion is to create a fan page... not a group. Fan page updates are published directly to news feeds. You update. People read.

There are so many other uses for Facebook... What is your favorite part about Facebook? Need help getting started? Contact DICCF and let us help out.


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